Why list with us

1. Trade shows generally only occur once a year per region.

2. Trade shows are restrictive to generally per country, so to gain full exposure a new business generally has to attend many trade shows which, these days….is a logistical and costs nightmare.

3. You as either the brand owner, or prospective seller representative, can these days via the internet save huge costs and time via utilizing the data via sites like this one to do your sourcing.

4. Therefore, a website like this provides an all-year-round low-cost alternative for product businesses to advertise themselves to a global audience.

5. A website like this provides highly increased speed and efficiency for simple contacts.

  • This is not a government operated site.
  • This is a privately operated site.
  • This site is intended for high/bulk volume, product logistics/sales/supply chain ready products businesses.
  • This site is intended for; B2B and B2C trade leads.

6. As an intended classifieds provider, I believe as at June 2022, there is about 66 other trade leads sites. But all of them are geared towards wholesalers of generic goods or OEM items. Ganges-Media intends on gaining your listings trust based upon Cost Leadership at around usd$600 per year to advertise with us displaying upto 10 images per listing, we believe with our extensive direct marketing to the approx. 210 000 000 businesses and 1 billion consumers, all who might be thinking of starting a business, within the global economy we aim at being the most comprehensive platform on the internet. Alibaba.com quotes they have approx.. 2 million sellers, this leaves a lot of room (around 8 million businesses) for total global representation, something we believe we can exploit, achieve and profit from.

7. Many other sites charge a lot more to get possible trade or business leads without quoting site traffic figures. Although this site is only just starting out, it is my goal via smart SEO and digital marketing to achieve between 70 – 140 million unique monthly visitors. This seems a lot, but alibaba.com say they have about 700 million monthly users. – Reed Exhibitions quote they have about 7 million yearly attendees. What good is advertising on a site, paying all that money, when they attract very few visitors? That’s why brands-sync.com is still free to advertise for 12 months at a time. We recognise it’s a careful balance between attracting advertisers, and also attracting visitors, to get credible trade and business leads for both parties.

8. We don’t want to pry into your personal business, that’s why our site, is so simple, no extra email accounts, no linking services, just plain and simple trade leads. Unlike a lot of competing sites, we also don’t try to charge a fee for being the intermediary for any transaction that might eventuate between buyers and sellers.