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Zachary Alexander Toyne-Davies is an Australian citizen, who operates as the business form “INDIVIDUAL / SOLE TRADER”. He owns and operates the following websites;

Each of the above operates under Zachs’ business structure and is intended for the sole purpose of being an internet-based-platform for businesses within the nominated sector to advertise their product via, and for businesses or individuals to engage in business activities with the chosen advertiser or service provider.

All information on the above listed websites, is input by the advertiser, and therefore, Zachary limits liability to all end-users by NOT providing any guarantee for information; accuracy, usefulness and completeness.

All currency is stated and or pegged to USD$ between advertisers and Zachary. Although Zachary is an Australian citizen unlike most, I don’t want to lose any purchasing power incurred on currency exchange-rates. Australian transactions must be charged GST. A tax receipt that displays GST collected, will be issued whenever an advertiser engages with any of the above listed websites, – whenever there is a tax collectable.


The advertiser is the rightful owner of all or any intellectual property, good or service that they advertise within the nominated websites listed above. And therefore, agrees to guarantee such information to any prospective buyer that engages with them via the above listed websites.


You or your business should engage with all or any of the following professionals to best portray your needs or desires by using the above mentioned websites;

  • business brokers

  • legal team

  • accounting team

  • import/export experts

  • product specialists


By using any of the above listed websites, you as a “user” agree that Zachary is NOT liable for any third-party / outside obstruction or malicious activity that may result on your own computer or digital-domains from utilizing services AND activities provided or engaged in via the world wide web (internet) AND all and or any of my URL’s content / presence.